I’m focused and working on those art quilts! BONUS!!!A tutorial on raw edge appliqué

Like most people summer is a busy time and I’m no exception. But for me it is quilt related.

I have had some really interesting custom orders that I’ve been busy with. I especially love making something specifically for someone. It is an opportunity to get to know the person who commissioned the piece  I like having that interaction, it makes the work so personal. I’ve honestly met some of the nicest people through custom orders from my Etsy shop. We have a common interest from the git go, these are  people who appreciate art, my art in particular! How cool is that?

Anywho.. I feel especially motivated to make something they will really love. They have paid me the greatest compliment, they like my work and want me to make something just for them! That’s so enjoyable.

Back to the busy summer…I sent several of my quilts out for the Second Skin Textile Art Exhibit [see interesting people and events for more info on that event] and looking at my Etsy shop, well it looks empty. I  better start jamming out them art quilts!!! I work literally day and night, compulsively so, couldn’t stop if I want to! But I better pick up the pace!

Then in Oct there is a Big and I do mean BIG art show in Vegas-Art In The Park . One hundred thousand people come by the bus load for this event! I’m so hyped I can’t even stand it,. Again I need to take a lot of art there for the show. More art quilts, more art quilts!! I love working, but there is only so much one person can accomplish. Where are my super powers when I need them I ask?

So here’s the start of several new quilts, more to follow. I’m on a botanical kick, loving the thread painting and hanging on to the last of the flowers as fall approaches. Here’s the wee beginnings…

Bonus: a tutorial on raw edge appliqué

sketches for the quilt. I draw them on the paper of the fusible web-then a pattern is born!
peony sketch on the fusible web

Now the sketches are on the top  paper of the Lite Steam a Seam fusible web.  I can start carefully cutting out, one at a time, e  little” puzzle piece” and fuse it to my fabric of choice. Place it on the backing and iron it to tack it down. Then move to the next piece of the “puzzle” and repeat the whole process til I have the entire flower on the quilt backing.

an example of this method, making leaves
Leaves cut out, next stick to your fabric then fuse onto background,here’s that leaf stuck to the green fabric
peel off the backing
place your leaf where you want it
iron it in place to fuse
Here’s several flowers with each little puzzle piece fused down
Guess what? This makes a big ole mess!

More to follow on this process…Stay tuned! Lesson #2 on the raw edge appliqué next post.