progress on new quilt and raw edge appliqué tutorial 2

This is the mess we have created thus far, the small rotary cutters are really useful tools
here's where we're at, a lot of little puzzle pieces have are fused to the background.

Here’s where we are  so far; the backing . batting and top background are sandwiched  together. I use a spray adhesive 505 Spray And Fix to sandwich everything together.  The parts of the puzzle pieces are in the process of being fused to the quilt sandwich. As you can see there is subtle color variations with the  individual parts of the flowers. You will need to finish fusing down your entire composition.

It is starting to come together.

keep adding more to the composition until you are happy with the result.

Your next step once you have fused down all the pieces is to zig zag around the edges of  each individual piece in the matching thread color.. You want the stitches set  shorter and tightly spaced together.  Go slowly, stop when you need to turn fabric and so on. Be sure to pull up your bobbin thread to the top  when you start out at the beginning of each thread color change.

ZigZag around the edges and add additional details with straight stitch as shown in leaf veining
close up of poppy with edges zig sagged.

I used some free motion thread painting to add details and highlights.

thread painting done with feed dogs dropped and fabric moved to create the design.

ready for quilting

I’ll finish it and show you the finished quilt next time. Happy Quilting!