A last longing look at the flowers of summer

This an old post from a few years  ago. After all the sleepless nights, hair pulling and teeth gnashing, not to mention the months it took me, I just let it sit, waiting for someone to put the posts back into their categories. There it has sat … waiting… I’m turning over a new leaf ,s0 you’ll see some older posts trickling in, maybe you’ll find something of interest

As fall is almost upon us I thought an ode to the beautiful flowers of spring and summer would be in order!

These are some photos I took  of my garden, you can see why Oregon is such a wonderful place to garden.

We visited England a few years back and were able to see the garden of George Smith in Heslington. His garden was the inspiration that brought out my inner gardener. I read about his garden in a amazing book by Tony Lord; “Best Borders” which I checked out from my local library. I checked it out so many times that I nearly wore out the page. I’m sure they had to finally replace the book. I finally found my very own copy of “the book'”and  have almost worn this copy out as well.

Well, you may be wondering why I am bringing this up, because when we planned our trip to the UK I just had to see my gardening idol  George Smith’s garden. After much effort, internet searches and detective work  equal to S. Holmes,  I was finally able to contact him and we were invited to join a gardening group touring his gardens at the time of our visit. Happy, happy, joy, joy, I was enraptured! !I was actually going to see ” the garden” that had fired my first love for  gardening.

My impassioned plea for admittance must have made an impression on him, because he came out and met us personally. Upon introductions,  almost the first words out of his mouth were [here’s the point of this whole  little story] ” So where do you garden in the States?. ‘Not where do you live in the States? No, Where do you garden, as if one merely lives to garden? I loved it every minute of it.

He was a most delightful old gentleman and made lists for us of  the “must see gardens” while we were there in England. One really sweet thing he did was insist that we see Beth Chatto‘s famous garden, she was his mentor and friend. He said ‘Now when you get there, get one of the staff to fetch Beth. Tell her I sent you and ask  her to give you the tour. Now Beth usually charges hundreds of dollars for her lectures, but she’ll be happy to take you around herself,  if you mention my name and say I sent you.”.. So I garden in Oregon as well as live here!


“Cheddar Cheese” a peony



Here’s a few from this year’s garden as well. Enjoy!

Now you know where the inspiration for my floral quilts comes from.


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