Sequel to I’m focused and working on those art quilts!

Here’s a couple of new ones. I told you I’m focused and working!!! These 2 are opposites, vibrant and serene, hot and cool, excitement and calm…you get the idea…

Muy Caliente!
Serene ocean colors, sand, teal ,aqua and peach- in "Abalone"
detail of appliqué and thread painting, colors appear almost like a watercolor painting.

Another one just in. This is really cool. I started with an awesome batik fabric . The gradient colors seemed to melt from one to the next, green to violet to purple back to green. I decided to mimic that effect by doing layer upon layer of appliqué in various colors. It was labor intensive but so worth the effort. I also added to  the design with thread painting in different colors.  I love how this quilt turned out!

What should I call it? Ideas anyone?
More details. OK enough! I'll stop with the pics!

How about some help with a title for this one, I’m drawing a blank. Leave a comment and help name this baby!

Bye, Back to work….