the countdown continues and my frantic levels are high


Working like a mad woman and in general losing my sanity. I leave for Vegas for Art in the Park tomorrow morning [yikes! e gad! ]. This is  a big event that draws 100,000 visitors to Vegas from all over. They come in by the busload.   

Needless to say, I want to have a lot of new work to take. So as I mentioned before, I’m at it with a vengeance. There comes a point that a person needs to just stop and say enough! I however, am not capable of such reasonable behavior. Last night I sewed through the side of my finger with my sewing machine, cut another finger with the rotary blade and poked that same finger with a sharp pointy instrument. I had 3 bandages on the same hand on 2 fingers. Does this sound like a reasonable person? Working past the point that you’re so tired you are causing bodily injury to yourself?  I say, ‘Who needs reason? Panic provides some great motivation!” .That’s my motto, yessiree.   

It’s a good thing we’re leaving tomorrow or I could lose a finger or worse. So here’s a few more art quilts that are finished. I need to get a grip I tell you!   

Pray for my digits!    

I added a few more details, it's done.



thread painting details



Very like a larger version I made earlier