My post for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival”

This is a post for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival”

I choose this quilt to blog about because it is meaningful for me in many deeply personal ways. I hesitate to bring this up in a public forum, but many women are going to relate to this, sadly.

As a child I had vivid imagination and was reckless and unafraid of anything . I was loud, lively and loved life.

But after years s in an abusive marriage, I became a completely different person. I understand battered woman syndrome, it causes a withdraw from life and constant fear, loss of trust in yourself. They don’t leave because they are helpless in their own minds. It could be compared to a turtle who pulls it’s head into it’s shell for protection. When you distrust yourself , your judgement, you don’t take risks, you play life safe, you try to be invisible, stay unnoticed so you don’t attract attention to yourself.  You see yourself as helpless, powerless, and that becomes a reality because you believe it to be true.

That was years ago, I got out. I was a single parent for much time after that.. I am now happily married and have 3 wonderful children. And slowly I began to work at healing. Learning to stick my head out a slowly, bit by bit.

Art has been one avenue that has helped to teach me to trust myself again. I think that’s why I began art quilting.

I can take risks . I even have opened  my online art quilting business! That’s  so  big. This quilt was commissioned, the old me could never have done that, who would like anything I made? I am able to recommend my work and promote myself, and be proud of myself.

I think my new freedom  is especially evident in designing and making of a new art piece. I have trust my instincts  again, and other people trust me too because of that. Instead of hiding in a corner, I am shouting look at me “with my loud color choices and out of the box designs”.

This quilt was an especially risky one for me to make but I did it, and I love it! It is a proud moment for me personally.

This is not about self-pity, but how change is possible. It lies within ourselvess to make life what we want it to be. Think of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. We do not have to accept bad circumstances in life passively. The power always was there within us the whole time. We just have to start to believe again. If we begin to think it and say it enough, we convince ourselves of the truth of it and that my dears, leads to change!

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  1. First, it’s a beautiful piece. Second, thank you for sharing your story and kudos to you for learning who you are and continuing to embrace that woman.

    Finally, what I love most about art, of any variety, is the different interpretations each person can have. For instance, while this may have been a commissioned quilt, what I see is the artist has added bold colors and contrast while also creating movement toward the reflection of sunlight, warmth, peace. Your story just reflected what I interpreted in your piece. As I said, it may only be my perspective but thank you for sharing both.


  2. your quilts (went to your shop–all i can say is OH, MY GOSH!!!!) are stunning. your story so poignent. i know people who’ve been in similar circumstances…a friend who played the piano beautifully but i didn’t have a clue for a couple years until she moved out. so wonderful you’ve been able to reclaim yourself!! thanks for sharing and have a great day.


  3. When I saw the thumbnail for this quilt, I was intrigued. I’m so glad I clicked on it!IT is so beautiful and so free! I’ve got some special fabrics saved up for an art quilt and I’m hoping the inspiration hits…

    I’m so glad you found this art. I really believe that a creative outlet does everyone a world of good.

    Bravo on your quilting!


    1. Lois, I appreciate your comments.
      When I got the commission to make that art quilt, I was surprized by what I finally ended up making. When I’m doing an original art quilt, I work by the seat of my pants, just try this and that and see what works. It’s often the colors and fabric that is the inspiration itself.
      So I say, why not just start something with your special fabrics, you’ll inspire yourself I’ll bet!


  4. You’re very generous to share your perspective and life experience. It is truly wonderful that you got out and grew into the person and artist you are today. This quilt is fantastic–the coral amazing. Thanks for sharing your quilt’s story 🙂


    1. Annie,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I had a blast with the staghorn coral. I appliqued the large limbs/branches[?] on, then free motion machine thread painted all the tiny little branches. It was so fun!


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