I’ve been having so much fun with silk painting lately, as I’ve repeatedly mentioned. There are some very cool  techniques and I’m an  artist from way back, so this is  like it in many ways.

I’m finding lots of applications, fabric for art quilts, silk paintings, hand painted scarfs and so on. One little problem though, I live in Oregon and in case you hadn’t heard, it rains and rains and then sometimes for a change of pace it snows here in Oregon. We’ve had all of that lately. And a lot earlier this year [what’s up with that anyway?].

What this means for  me,  is that  I can no longer enjoy my pleasant  little outside art “studio tent”.  I was loving it so much to smell the roses and  watch the little hummers bszzting by me to get to their feeder nearby, as I worked.. Well things have changed, an early winter has descended

With the rain, snow and all, there will be no more el Fresco studio. I have relocated to my kitchen, much to the delight of my husband! Why just this morning he commented happily,”When are you going to get all this stupid  junk out of the kitchen?’

It is a long narrow kitchen, I must admit and well I am making a mess of it with the 2 saw horses and plastic sheeting and paint dripping all over the place and all…But still. How woo-de , as Elmer Fudd would say! I made an appropriate saucy comment [ strictly G- rated] and asked him, “where exactly did he feel would be a better spot, pray tell?” Okay fine, the kitchen it is then!

Here’s some shots of the carnage. All in the name of art…sacrifices must be made! Where would the world be if Monet hadn’t had a studio? Not that I’m making any comparisons with him ha ha,that would be  like comparing a circus clown to a diva ballerina! But still…you have to work somewhere?

The carnage of my kitchen
My former out-door studio..a ruin
Worth the mess, cause I'm making some kickin' fabric that I have big plans for!
./I have a wonderful idea in my mind, if it turns out I'll show you the results. If not..never mind!
Look for next installment on upcoming post.