Messy Kitchen produces something pretty good and I don’t mean food!

If you recall a few posts back I had a huge mess in my kitchen hand painting some silk fabric. Here in Oregon it rains a lot so I have limited choices for a paint studio. My little make shift studio tent out side is no longer workable because the downpours have commenced. So to my husband’s dismay the kitchen is my new painting area. You could see the fabric I was painting in that post.

I had a plan for that fabric and now that it’s finished it was worth the bother.  I did a little trapunto,  I mentioned I hand painted the silk fabric, then on separate pieces of silk painted some bird,s added fusible and appliquéd them down and finished the raw edges off.Used trapunto on a few areas and thread painted in the details and texture on the branches, leaves and birds. Viola! It’s finished. Here’s a few picture s and there’s more in the gallery.