2 new commissioned works completed-wanna see? Part 1-Birds and wisteria vines.

——-Here’s a couple of new works I finished for a commission. I’m so fascinated with painting  birds these days and having a blast painting them , then appliquing  them .

Both of there art quilts are hand painted silk  with lots of applique and thread painting. I’m going to post way too many pics of these, so push through if you’re tired of all the details.

This is part 1- birds and wisteria vines.

Warning: Digital cameras can cause an excess of photographs to be taken. Be warned! They are great but I get carried away with. Feel free to scroll down if I’m boring you to death.

Please  leave comments, [especially compliments, I just love those! Criticism, not so much!!!]

and tell me what you think. {Clearly I’m fishing for compliments here! Sad really..}.

Wisteria With Red Birds
close up