The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700 QCP- & how I came to posses one

This is really a post about how I came to own a Janome Horizon and and a business that goes far, far beyond anything I expected in their customer service.

I had a Viking Sapphire for almost 2 years. It was plagued with a few problems from the get go. The store I purchased it from, Whitlocks of Salem OR, was very good about providing service under the warranty. Then bigger problems arose and the machine not responding to attempts to fix it. They have a rep. that is a bit tarnished, I found reading quilter’s comments on the web.

I took my 2 year old machine back this last Sat. after the last attempt to fix it’s problems. I was finished with my machine and really wanted something else-another brand .I was prepared to do battle but I didn’t expect to receive much satisfaction, and certainly not be credited with the full value of what I paid for my machine.-Whitlock’s had given me no reason to expect a problem, they had been very nice, helpful and great so far in any of my dealings with them. But I thought this time surely they would balk at replacing the machine . I expected I’d get the big brush off or run around. Isn’t that the kind of service we have come to expect of  most businesses these day?

Well, the owner Lynn dealt with us personally. He was amazing, just the nicest person and made it clear that he would do right by us. I didn’t have to raise a single protest, rant or rave, shout, cry, jump up and down, turn red,you know all the things people are usually forced to do to get any customer satisfaction. But  no, Lynn was immediately eager to help us from the minute we walked into the door. There was no need for  begging or fighting, he felt it was his obligation to make the customer happy, imagine that?

He gave us a choice of options, Yes, you heard me correctly, he did!  Replacment with Viking,s new comparable machine , [mine has been discontinued], or another brand if I wanted. He said Viking has gotten a  undeserved  bad reputation, but if I had lost confidence in the company, he would be happy to give me full value of what I paid, towards any machine I chose.!!

I’m not joshing you, he even gave me full value for any accessories I had purchased . They replaced multiple feet and accessories and still gave me $200.  He threw in an extended 3 year warranty to bout plus 2  classes .

Whitlocks is an awesome, amazing unbelievable business for our age of self-serve & no customer service.  And the wonder machine I wanted -more on that later- was on sale for 2399.00, if you check online, that is an amazing price for a the new Janome Horizon. I couldn’t find any thing that wasn’t almost 3 thousand, when I checked hard around on the web and local stores.

When my best friend heard about this price, she is seriously thinking about  rushing down to a get one, even though her current Janome is pretty new, But she’s been eying that Horizon since it came out.

It has an 11 inch space to the right of the needle,  for all you machine quilters, that’s the largest on the market for a domestic sewing machine. It has a built-in walking foot, an Acufeed system which feeds your top layer of fabric in perfect sync with the bottom layer, automatic plate converter that goes  from a small hole [ for all you machine quilter’s, who have had to buy this plate separately and switch it out yourself when you free motion quilt for beautiful stitching  & no eyelashes!] to  …snap it’s now a wider hole for wider stitches like zig zag and so on. It  has an extra foot pressure adjustment, an extension table for quilting [ I paid over $100. for mine for my Viking], 250 stitches, exact seams  cloth guide, the list just goes on and on. The best thing is the beautiful quality of the stitches, just a dream. And she purrs like a kitten. I’m loving this machine.

I don’t know if Whitlocks  ships , [I just checked and they do-free shipping]but it would be worth your time to  drive down there,  if you’re close to Salem Oregon, or even if you’re not . Their web site is Address is Downtown Salem OR. 455 Court Street.gfree shippinfree shippin

FYI I am totally impartial, I got mo incentives from Whitlocks or Janome- other than a 2 great companies doing awesome jobs.

They may want to kill me if I give out the phone number, cause they’ll be answering the phone off the hook all day Monday when anyone hears about this price and the level of customer service they offer.

One more word about this machine, it is a dream machine, you have to give it a test ride, [but not if you can’t afford one now] cause you’re gonna have to have it once you try it.

5 thoughts on “The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700 QCP- & how I came to posses one”

  1. I’ve had a lot of problems with mine. It was swapped out for another one at the store where I purchased it, but this one is still giving me headaches. I’m so upset over it, because I paid a lot of money for this machine.


  2. I’ve had mine for several months now, and I still love it. haven’t had a single problem or complaint. It is s stolid workhorse, And FYI I am using it for my business so it never rest. I would recommend it!. with top honors!


  3. Hi, I have a question, because I also bought the Janome Horizon. Is yours from Taiwan or Japan? Does your serial number begin with 1 or 2? I have heard it makes a difference. I am not happy with my Horizon from Taiwan whose serial number begins with 1. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks ,in advance


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