Conversation with Ann Fahl…the beautiful new book…Lookfor it.

The cover of Ann’s new book

As many
of you may already know, Ann Fahl has a gorgeous new book
coming out this spring. And of course all of us ” Ann fans” are
curious and excited to get a peak at it. Well, Ann
contacted me today. I’m happy to say that she has agreed to
be featured again on an upcoming post and tell us all about it.
The title is “A Black and White Tail”. Here’s a
little from Ann about it, a teaser for us all to chew on. “Jacquie
Scuitto agreed to write some poetry to go along with all of my cat
quilts. Eventually, there were a total of 22 cat quilts and
Jacquie wrote additional verse for each new one that came along.
Now there are a total of 34 quilts included in the story line.
Quilt and cat lovers of all ages will enjoy it.”
I copied a few examples of her cat quilts , a peak
at the kind of beautiful quilts this book will contain. We’ll
all have to wait to see which quilts are in it. So look for that
upcoming conversation with Ann… coming soon and her new book this
spring. Ann’s
earlier interview is under Interesting People and Events

Portrait of Quilter’s Helper