Starry Night a new commissioned quilt

A few pictures of a new commissioned art quilt I’m working on for a very sweet customer. This is her 2nd commissioned order and we’re planning a third. I love commissions, customers come up with ideas for quilts that never occurred to me. It is fun to get a fresh perspective and to run with their idea and make it happen. Many of my favorite quilts have been commissioned ones. This one is no exception, she wanted a starry night sky. I would not have thought of that, but it was the funnest quilt to work on. Here’s some pictures of the almost finished quilt.

Hand painted silk art quilt, with applique

5 thoughts on “Starry Night a new commissioned quilt”

  1. By far the most beautiful art /quilt I had every seen.I was hopping to purchase this until I read it was not for sale to the public


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