Follow Up on The Kraken art quilt

I’ve made a bit more progress the commissioned art quilt, I’m affectionately calling The Kraken.  Everything is fused down and I’ve started the thread painting. It’s a change from  my normal subject matter, but I”m having a blast. My client loves octopuses and I think she’s gonna really like this, I decided to add a second octopus just to surprise her.  here’s some progress photos

My “surprise”

6 thoughts on “Follow Up on The Kraken art quilt”

  1. I am soooo impressed! Can I ask you to share what kind of batting you like best for silk wall hangings? I have dyed a pc of silk that I want to thread paint on but am unsure if I want to use a heavy pellon (stiff) of a soft batting…


    1. Teresa, I used a poly/cotton blend on this quilt. I often use 100% cotton as well. It doesn’t matter all that much.
      To be honest, with art quilts, a bit of stiffness is good. The edges can get some wavy ness and not lay flat against the wall. This is true especially if you have a lot of raw edged applique on it [as I do in most of my quilts.] On the Kraken all the elements, the octopuses, the ships, the sails and even the rocks were first painted on separate silk, which had been fused with Wonder Under, even before painting them. After that fuse them on and finish the edges with zigzag or whatever you prefer. I highly recommend that you fuse Wonder Under to the silk background fabric before appliqueing anything onto it. You’ll have a mess if you don’t do that.
      In my Tutorial section I have several posts about fusing and appliqueing silk. Silk stretches a lot and can be difficult to work with. The Wonder Under really helps.
      Hope this helps, if you run into problems I’ll try to help if you drop me a line.


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