Completed Kraken

Here’s the finished commissioned quilt.

Stormy sky, when ready to begin quilting , was hard to decide what direction to go with.

Disclaimer:I know that I take a whole lot of pictures of works.  I just want to mention that this is what happens when you give  a digital camera and a web site,  to a photography enthusiast… a whole lot of pictures are sure to follow, maybe so many you’re getting  bored looking.. Kind of like a home movie of someone else’s vacation, “Oh look! Here’s that tree we liked, and here’s where we stopped to use the bathroom on the drive there, oh oh,  here’s a good one- the inside of our motel room and then there’s that great motel sign outside”…Sure technology has it’s good points, but then,…there’s the dark side no one wants to mention…

4 thoughts on “Completed Kraken”

  1. Not a one of those “home movie-like” pics was boring! Your work hits me like a bolt of lightning!!


    1. Thanks Teresa,
      I think I go a little crazy with the picture taking at times, I want to show the whole thing, every square inch ,, “oh here’s this part”…and then on the other side ” over there it looks like this”…


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