Spell check, silk painting & applique.!

Here’s my latest work in progress. It is utilizing the silk painting skills mentioned on my blog a few days ago.

A work in progress

As you can see, here’s one I’m still working on. I’ve obviously finished the silk painting. I’ve finished the appliqué  & thread painting on the hollyhocks,  now what?

The choice of “How am I going to quilt this? ” is pressing . The quilting design is always  a challenge  for me. Do I go traditional? With all those lovely feathers and so forth, which I love doing. Or should I go with a more contemporary style?

I’m leaning toward the contemporay on this one, but what? Any suggestions? I’m thinking at this point, a stylized hollyhock silhouette running  lengthwise on the side borders… [ FYI my spell check absolutely refused to give me the spelling for the word silhouette. I was off by that much. I must say, what good is spell check, if it won’t check the really hard words?  I think my spell check is appalled by my terrible spelling and is punishing me. I actually had to haul out a dictionary, yes an actual dictionary, and look it up-the horror!]

Oh, one more story on my notoriously bad spelling skills, while I’m on that subject.. I did an interview with the amazing Ann Brauer, titled “Ann Brauer’s contemporary quilts, soaring beyond tradition“. Soon after it posted, I get this very sweet email from Ann, that perhaps I might want to change my title from “quilts that sour” to “ quilts that soar. [I must marvel at what a good humored person Ann is ].  Any way that’s how bad my spelling and typing skills are! I feel there needs to be some real efforts made to improve the spell check feature, for those of us who are genuinely spelling challenged. There are provisions for those with other disabilities, well yes, admittedly this is extremely minor when compared  to what huge challenges many face each day. But still, it really is inconvenient.

detail of the hollyhocks
Title?” Hollyhocks”, too boring?

I’ll post an after picture, when it’s done. In the meantime, any suggestions on quilting designs for those borders would be welcomed.

Barb-a spelling challenged individual, trying to write a blog? Whose brilliant idea was that? [well auh..mine actually]

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