A few pictures of early spring, just starting to pop. It has been a wet, cold & late winter  this year, so not our best spring but still …. Here’s a few early pictures I took of my waking garden after a long winter, Warning if you don’t truly adore flower shots, skip this! I mean it, you’ll be bored silly.

We’re starting our walk from here
This way…
My oriental poppies, not sure of the name, Queen Elizabeth? or something like that?
The coral color of these poppies makes my heart all a twitter
I really can’t think of words to describe this peony

“just” rugosa” roses, minimal care, loads of beauty
Graham Thomas-David Austin- talk about about petal count
Another David Austin rose-Heritage I think
I love this variety of white foxglove among the pink roses
Another shot-Heritage I think
Yet another David Austin rose

 You might say I like roses, last count I had 56 bushes, mostly the old fashioned looking  types, like the David Austins.

A lovely old variety of rodies. I’d never heard of this bush til I moved here.

Believe it or not, I’m trying to exercise some restraint with showing  the multitudes of pictures I take in the garden. Many persons would reasonably ask, “How can any one person take so many shots of flowers?”.

Remember, I told you to skip this post if you don’t go ga-ga over flowers, fair warning.

One quick story, when my husband and I were a courtin’, he showed me the yard and it was in  a bit of a bad shape.   He said do you enjoy gardening?, slyly, hoping for someone who would take it in hand, loved weeding and all. I said with an uncharacteristically firm tone in my voice, coming from Nevada as I did, “I hate gardening! “.  Holding up one of my perfectly groomed hands with the long nails [former manicurist] I added, rather loudly “It would ruin my manicure!”. He married me anyway…

And after I saw my first peony bloom in the back yard, I found my hidden inner gardener real fast! Never knew it was there!



    1. Wendy dear,
      You are one busy little lady, you’re our rising star girl, don’t you remember?. Save your gardening days, til you’re old and grey [like moi] and have the time for gardening! Til then, keep up all your wonderful work and raising your little miss baby.


  1. Barb,
    I would gladly look at more flowers. I live in Plano,Texas ( actually just north of Dallas ha ha) I hate gardening because it is so blasted hot here most of the time. even at dawn. I do have a lot of irises but they got rained out this year. My magnolia tree went bonkers and smells like heaven, but is now pretty much gone by now as it is nearing 100 degrees daily now..
    See you in ETsy.

    cathy (dotqueen)


    1. Well I was from Las Vegas,NV. IE- The desert-You run from the AC in your house, to AC in your car, to AC where ever you’re going, and so on, didn’t look at too many flowers in that heat!
      So I feel your pain sister!!


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