My latest art quilt, a little different?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   My latest art quilt is …well.., just a little bit different, but with congregated crows as the subject matter you may ask ?                                                                                                            It certainly isn’t my usual subject matter either. There’s not a single flower in sight, but crows? Yes-Sirie, it’s a departure  for me.                                                                                   But, like the quilt or not, you have to admit that it is interesting.                                               This came from my experimentation with the new acrylic inks… yes they arrived woo hoo. I played with them for a day, liked the result, so jumped right into an actual work. When I saw the results, I knew these would be a fun new addition to my tool chest of art mediums. I loved how the ink flowed  on, when applied as a wash, making unique shapes and designs. I liked the resulting piece of silk so much that I first thought I’d  just make a whole cloth abstract quilt with the fabric and not cover it up . But then I got going, adding appliqued silk painted pictures. First the big snarled tree, it fit. Then what goes with an old knarled tree? Certainly not bluebirds and butterfly’s. Well I thought and thought… CROWS! Of course or Ravens. SO it took on a life of it’s own. I must say I loved working with the inks. I mixed & matched them with my beloved Puebo Sets paints. It worked fine, they’re both acrylics. The inks are very good for finer detailing I found. It was a good combination and I’m hooked!The inks dry faster. You can easily reapply more color over dried ink. Give them a try,but remember that you still might need acyrlic fabric paints to partner with them., depending on your purposes.                                                                      Now onto the quilt info, just in case you love this and have just got to have it.The size is 37 X 19,   large enough to make a huge artistic statement hanging on your wall.The colors are golds, yellows, browns, and a smidge of green. It is 375.00 and can be obtained through my ETSY store or contact me directly through my email info here.Details of my crow/ravens?”]

This is a  contemporary art quilt in earthy colors. The subject matter; an old knarled tree with crows or ravens [ if you prefer
Detail of my fave.
I liked the detailed quilting of bark