Lost in a Techno World, “Hello-Is There Anyone Else Out There?”

This is me-shaking my angry fist at technology! Boo I want to go back to the stone age!!!

I have reached the limit, the last straw…whatever or however you want to phrase it. But I’m  beginning to ,  no scratch that out, I am definitely having serious doubts about all this new technology.

I can barely operate my computer, mostly confused & helpless. Why does this not work? What does that mean? Even trying to follow the simplest instructions, I’m stuck usually by the 5th  or 6th word, no idea of what it means.

Then there’s the 3 remotes to operate the TV, DVD & DVR players. If I  accidentally touch 1 wrong  little  button on one of those remotes, that’s it, there’s no TV for me. Not til someone comes home who can make it work. Of course in desperation I start pushing every single button multiple times, which for some strange reason, doesn’t help fix the problem.

There is so much I do not understand and so much that can go wrong, things which I have no idea how to fix.

I feel so alone, am I the last of a dying breed? The last survivor of the old days, when you simply pushed on or off. I can’t understand this, I’m not that old, I keep repeating to myself.

I’ve finally been pushed over the edge. For reasons unknown, I decided that I needed a new phone. I had an i phone that worked reasonably well. I could use about half of the features, which is pretty good, considering all things. But no.. I want a bigger easier to read screen. So my husband and I mosey on over into the phone store, which will remain unnamed, for fear of reprisals. [They could turn off my phone service, send phone hit men over, who knows what they are capable of]?.

Back to my narrative,  a half hour later, out we come with a new wonderful Motorola ATRIX 4 G,  it has a docking station which looks like a laptop with a keyboard, neat stuff, right? One little problem, I can’t see most of the text, it’s way too small. All I can do is to  turn it on and answer if  it rings.  I sure can’t use those wonderful 4 g’s to access anything, not the internet, not my emails, no google,  no nothing …the fonts are too small for me to read,

Then with a magnifying glass, I swear I’m not making this stuff up, I’m looking  and looking,  trying to figure out how to operate this phone, which by now I have concluded can obviously only be operated by someone under 20. Even if, by some miracle, I could actually figure out how to utilize anything on it,  I still would be  unable to read it anyway.

Did I mention that I have actually  mastered turning  it on and off? Good Job!

Here I am, with all this money tied up in a phone, that for all practical purposes,  is useless to me. I think, “return the thing, yes that’s what I’ll do”.  I’ll go back to to using my good ole  i phone, which is lookin’  better & better by the minute.

One catch, I’ve had this new phone a couple of days past the 30 day limit for returns, who knew? There’s just nothing they can do to help me. Maybe I could sell it on Ebay, the customer service guy suggests, supprsing laughter.

I don’t know what I can do about it, but boy am I mad. I think I]ll stand outside the store and shake my scrunched up little fist at them, that’ll fix em! In reality, it’s not  the stores fault, it’s that siren called technology.

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  1. Had same problem. Root the phone (many online blogs on how to do that) once rooted download Font Size from market place and choose Large or Extra Large from menu. Phone will reboot and now you can see!


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