Playing the sympathy card-is it working yet?

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Image via Wikipedia Potential for disaster?

I’ve been a slacker lately as to writing blogs. I have too much going on to tell you the truth. Not bad,  just busy. Two  large commissioned pieces, daughter moving out of the country, and on & on. It is all good, but even with my minuscule sleep habits, it’s getting hard to keep up.

I was up late as usual, working.  But that doesn’t mean my attention span was at peak  capacity, well it never is, but on this particular night  it was worse than usual. I was busily sewing along, then all of a sudden, Pain!!!-Oops sewed right through my  finger.

The needle broke off, [I have to interject at this point, that my Janome Horizon has plenty of power, if you’re shopping for one and wondered about that. Don’t you worry that it won’t sew through jeans. Believe me,  it’ll sew through anything!] anyway back to my riveting story… it went in one side and came out the back, and was stuck there with the needle broken off..if only I’d had the where-with-all to take a picture [ You know, to show around & play the sympathy card! See, you’re feeling sorry for me right now…So go buy one of my quilts-I’d feel  so much better!!!ha ha] But my only thought, besides “OUCH PAIN”, was to pull it out, not grab my camera ! Drat, another missed opportunity!

The moral of this sad little story? Watch out for sewing machine needles late at night, or don’t node and drive.

See Ya

Now, picture my little quivering lower lip, a slight tear in the corner of one of my eyes, feeling any sympathy yet? No? Drat, a picture would have been  much more effective! Oh well, I gave it my best shot.