A new name for AsianArtAndQuilts to BarbaraHarmsFiberArt

The old AsianArtAndQuilt

I have news of a big change for me. I have renamed my shop on ETSY! The items I was carrying were initionally more Asian in style, now I have gradually transitioned to other art styles. It was confusing for people to visit my shop looking for Asian art and there wasn’t any!

So for the sake of more clarity I am now BarbaraHarmsFiberArt. If you forget the new name,  Etsy will erdirect tot he new shop.

It’s the same shop with my work unchanged, just a more accurately descriptive name.

So bear with me as I make some changes in the appearance, I’m still open! Come over & see me!

FYI, the tutorial I started a few posts back on raw edge applique is  still coming!  The next installment will be posting soon.


One thought on “A new name for AsianArtAndQuilts to BarbaraHarmsFiberArt”

  1. Hi! LOL! I saw the link to this posting and I was thinking …….huh? And then I saw what it actually said… Im Barbara, maiden name is Haines, and my shop is called Quilt & Fiber Arts. 😀 I thought I saw Barbara Haines Quilt and Fiber Arts!

    I love visiting your blog. I’ll check out your shop! BTW, I changed my domain and the look of my blog! We are on the same wave length! I’m at bzthreads.net.

    too funny.


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