A Glorious Autumn Day


That light and the orange changing leaves.

It’s been a late wet fall for us here. So you can understand how excited I was yesterday afternoon,  when I went stepped out to a perfect autumn afternoon.It was a perfect autumn day. It was just beyond description. The light washed over everything , you know how in the fall, the late afternoon light changes  to a warm rich golden light? That was yesterday, with the orange leaves back lit by that golden light. they almost glowed. I ran so fast to get my camera, I almost tripped over my own feet in my race for the camera. Here’s a few of the pictures, my ode to Autumn.

Fall decoration. I have a huge fall table quilt in my shop on Etsy, so here’s my idea, which would work if you have a covered entrance. I made a fall bouquet out of the leaves and voila! I just tacked this all up in 2 seconds, imagine what you could do with a little more time!

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About Myself & My Approach I come from a family filled with many artists.s always played a role in my life, in one form or another. By my teens, I had narrowed my focus to painting.I decided I was going to become a serious painter. I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild, at 15, the youngest member at that time. I was totally out of my league, a kid among so many serious adult artists. But to be there, exposed to art in that way was quite an experience. I was enraptured, soaking up. I tried to go unnoticed, just a fly on the wall, mute, a big ole smile plastered on my face. soaking it all up. I tryed to go unnoticed; a mute teenager, eyes wide opened and a huge smile plastered across my face. I’m pretty I was noticed, a mute kid with an enraptured look on my face. I've continued to paint throughout my life. On occasion I've sold my work, but I had more important priorities, one being raising my wonderful children. My circumstances have changed, the kids grown, I had more time and Art was like theorpy for me. I was introduced to the world of quilting & fell in love. I did miss the creative freedom painting afforded. Then I discovered mixed media fiber art, I was home. MY APPROACH TO ART It's the creative process that holds the greatest attraction for me. Starting with a tiny seed of an idea; vague and blurred around the edges, I follow where that leads. My approach is an instinctual one. Generally, I do little pre-planning. themselves, my appproacj response js an instinctual one. This approach can lead to quite a few changes in the direction the quilt takes. The outcome can come as a surprise. I love that element of surprise! Sometimes everything just comes together & I think this is one of my better ones. I can’t wait to show someone. I feel like a six year old, running home from school, a drawing in hand, excited to show Mom. At those times. I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat. I’ve had work published in several magazines., which is gratifingvl. But the most gratifying thing is having clients be really happy with their purchased quilt. Word press Etsy shop-sales Https://barbaraharms.com Contact: inquiry Personal Links kool


  1. Your breath-taking autumn photos capture a large part of the natural world’s ability to instruct me towards greater wisdom each day. Hope you see a connection when you read my post today at http://granbee.wordpress.com. Want to follow you all the time, now, just for the sheer joy of seeing through your eyes.


    1. Grandbee,
      Thank you for noticing the autumn photos. I can’t take credit. It’s this beautiful season, just look anywhere, & point your camera, a masterpiece! I love the changing of the seasons.
      I enjoyed your beautiful words on your blog.


  2. I’m so glad you visited and left your link…I hope others will follow it and visit your colorful blog and gallery! These autumn colors are inspirational for sure…My Best, joni


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