Bonnie McCaffery Fans-The Blue Moon is Rising!

I thought I’d let you in on a very cool event, especially if you love Bonnie McCaffery &  really who doesn’t? She emailed to say that she is offering a large group of her beautiful quilts up for bidding on EBay. She had a previous sale last week and many of those bidding were not quilters,  so didn’t realize what a great opportunity this was. Unbelievable as it is, many were purchased for some unheard of prices, a few even $50. or $60 dollars.

As everyone  knows [ but I’ll explain it anyway] on Ebay the final  amount paid is determined by bidding & with any auction there can be unexpected outcomes. If you happen to be at the right place at the right time, you might just acquire something of value for a bargain price. It could happen, well maybe once in a blue moon.  

Well, apparently the blue moon is still on the rise, because Bonnie is  determined  to make  more room. She is doing it again, starting this Monday through Sunday. This is an

opportunity to own a beautiful  Bonnie McCaffery quilt, which most of us probably could never afford. Given her being so well known a celebrity in the quilting world,  a  fabulous quilter & author, with her own show, the value of these will be sure to rise. 

So if that blue moon stays up there,  from the upcoming Monday to Sunday, get on over to EBay. You  just might be able to afford to bid and win a Bonnie McCaffery quilt.

 [I’m shamelessly thinking of the bragging rights at your next guild meeting or quilt class,  as you nonchalantly mention, ” I do love my new Bonnie McCaffery quilt. You should see her tiny stitches on her applique, quite remarkable” as you casually let fall out of your bag one of her CD’s.  I know you would never think of doing that, as you’re too fine a person to brag like that]

2 thoughts on “Bonnie McCaffery Fans-The Blue Moon is Rising!”

  1. I have been SO happy to “tweet” this post, as I know MANY friends and relatives who would love to scoop up one of these quilts. So great of you to share this wonderful news on these quilts!


    1. That’s great, she asked me to spread the word. I tryed to do so, but for anyone else who can pass it to their circle & they can pass it on. It would be great. Besides, a lot of quilters would really be excited to have a shot at one of her quilts.


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