A Pleasant Surprise

You can knock me over with a feather! I made it to their top 20!! There is one more cut and then they make their choice. It’s very exciting and so unexpected! With so many amazing women who applied, I just feel so honored to be on the list.
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Our thanks to allof the amazing women who applied for the Fall 2011 peaChic Grant. Selecting a grant winner each season is exciting and challenging. We are inspired by all of the enterprising and brave women who share with us their story. Following a period of careful consideration from our award panel, we are excited to announce and introduce the Top 20 applicants chosen from the Fall 2011 applicants.They are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. A Thirst for Tea, Frankee Muller
  2. A.B. Art & Products, Inc., Ada Balcacer
  3. Always Travel Light, Paula Vance
  4. Asian Art and Quilts, Barbara Harms
  5. BBX, Inc., Dedelle Barbanti
  6. Crave, LLC, Lisa Matalon
  7. Curvaceous K™, Kathleen Sanchez
  8. Dolci Dolci, LLC, Lindsey Winter
  9. Echoes of Opal, Jamie Kohler
  10. Fire Service Support, LLC, Krys Nystrom
  11. Girls With Wings, Inc., Lynda Meeks
  12. H.O.P.E., Inc.(Helping Other People be Empowered), Kenita Pierce-Lewis
  13. Help Button Designs, Billie Jo Delfin
  14. Lanier Images Web Design & Graphic Design, Nichole Lanier
  15. Miss Kinsman, LLC, Joanna Kinsman
  16. My Wife Makes Signs, Brooke Stevens
  17. Savvycents, Melinda Claudepierre
  18. Seven Sprouts, Bari Horton
  19. Sovereign Ten, LLC, Teresa Bowe
  20. TLC Virtual Assistants, Tracie Church

Published by Barbara Harms Fiber Art

About Myself & My Approach Art has always played a role in my life, in one form or another. by my teens I had narrowed my focus to painting. I decided I was going to become a serious painter. I joined the Las Vegas Artist's Guild at 15, the youngest member at that time. I was completely out of place, I tried to go unnoticed, a mute fly on the wall, with a big smile pasted on my face. I've continued to paint most of my life. After a move to Oregon years later, I was introduced to quilting and fell in love. I was introduced to quilting & fell in love. In time I missed the creative freedom painting made possible. Then I discovered mixed media fiber art, I was home. MY APPROACH TO ART It's the creative process that holds the greatest attraction for me. Starting with a tiny seed of an idea; vague and blurred around the edges, I follow where that leads. There are often many changes and adjustments along the way. The result can often be surprizing. My approach is an instinctual one. Generally, I do little pre-planning. I make creative decisions, choices, directions as they present themselves. This approach can lead to quite a few changes in the direction. I love that element of surprize! Sometimes I have one that I especially like, I can't wait to show someone. At that moment l feel like a six year old, running home from school, a drawing in hand, excited to show Mom. At those times. I'm smiling like the Cheshire cat. I’ve had some of my work published in several magazines. which is exciting. But the most gratifying thing is having clients be really happy with their purchased art quilt. Word press https://barbaraharmsfiberart.com Etsy shop-sales https://barbaraharms.com Contact: inquiry barbaraharmsfiberart@icloud.com.com Personal Links

8 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise

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  2. Congratulations and many threads crossed in fingers for you to win this grant! You are certainly deserving. A great example to all women small business owners.


    1. Granbee,
      Thank you, your are always so sweet and generous in your comments.
      But, I am not really expecting to win this, there are so other many amazing women. But I just really feel honored to have made it so far, with so many other awesome women who applied. I feel happy to have that feeling of valadation really, I’m thrilled with that actually.


  3. I must say that if any one artist was to be considered for this grant, one artist who takes time to do fine work, one artist who cares more that you can ever imagine about what her CUSTOMER wants in the finished piece, one artist who stays clsoe to the customer with progress updates, one artist who thinks out of the box on designs, form, and color combinations, one artist who has a heart for her work and the people that work with her, one artist who through a piece of art, my art, we have grown closer that words can say, one artist who has supported my change in moods and my life challenges with always a word of encouragement, one artist that has developed a sort of “e-mail art bond” with me and I can say I have found a friend indeed, and one artist who stands above the rest, it would be this woman, Barbara Harms!! I vote for you indeed! God bless you, an honor it is to be in the top 20!!!!


    1. Cyndy,
      Thanks for your sweet words,it’s hard to live up to that wonderful kind of praise, but I sure try. I could say much the same about you as my client/now friend too. You’re a sweetie pie!
      PS Did you see your quilt? Under all the posts titled “2 quilts” and maybe in another post as well.


      1. Cyndy,
        I just looked for the post on your quilt and realized that I had started on the first one in the series, painting your silk and then we descided that a larger size was needed, so I focuced on another recent work.But I posted yours on my Facebook page, showing the work in progress.I plan to use your quilt as the final example demonstrating thread painting and wanted to wait til the grand finale, to show it in the post. I’ll tell you when it posts.
        The link to my Facebook is on my home page here.


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