The Internet, Social Media, Small Business and & Selling Art, what do these things have in common?

I’m going to re-ask my title question, “The Internet, Social Media,  Small business & Selling Art, what do these  things have in common?”.  Well, many would answer “absolutely nuttin “. [Notice my clever reference to that  70’s song by War. If you remember that song , this may be a good post for you.] How does that relate to the subject at hand?

The answer in a word is age. Yes kids, with age, we often get a little out of touch with the latest and newest, all these new fangled things like computers. What’s Facebook , Twitter or YOU TUBE? What use are they to you,  as a small business owner?

Lets say, for example, that you are an artist attempting to sell your work online. [that means selling on the internet , can you say internet?] Do you just post your art somewhere and wait for the sales to roll in? I.m sorry, it  isn’t going to happen. So how do we occomplish our goal? We need a working knowledge of to get out there, where our work will be seen. This is where social networking can help us.

We need to get up to speed and fast. We need to learn these skills to further our businessess. Yet, many of us spend more time creating than marketing, but a balance of the two is needed.

For those of us selling primarily online, it makes even more sense. We need answers to questions like “How do I direct traffic to may website?” “How can I raise my ranking with  search engines?” “How can I become more recognized and my work well known?”.

We are told how important it is to twitter, post on FB, have a blog, and jump into the world of social media if we have a small business. Yet we may feel we’re in over our heads, [now where’s our 6 year old grandchildren, when we need them, I ask?]

Does it really matter all that much? Making art just isn’t enough these days. The whole world is open to us. You could be selling work to someone in the UK or Australia. The exposure is staggering, anyone from anywhere may become familiar with you, may appreciate what you create. How amazing is that?

There  are wonderful websites which draw people,  like, who have raised interest and appreciation for handmade one of a kind items.

These sorts of sites have increased contact between the artists and buyers. This is a big plus for both. How great is that?

The time we invest learning these new skills is time well spent. Yes, it takes time to learn and incorporate new methods, make a blog and write  posts.

But you can do this and so can I!  There is so much beneficial, useful  information out there online that we can help us to educate ourselves

So get busy, learn all you can. Read, read and read, with a little effort, you’ll get it.

I can think of so many well known quilters, fiber and quilt artists, who have worked hard for many years honing their craft. Names like Diane Gaudyski, Sharon Schamber, Ann Fahl and others, who  got “it” and ran with it. Aren’t we all glad they did? We can go to their web sites & blogs to learn from the masters.

We can all learn a thing or two from these talented ladies, they adapted to make use of new developments that became  available to futher their work.

You can DO IT !l

3 thoughts on “The Internet, Social Media, Small Business and & Selling Art, what do these things have in common?”

  1. Great minds think alike! I’ve been working on this for a little over a year now. You used the word “staggering” and there is no better description to this huge monster of “The Internet, Social Media, Small Business and Selling Art”!!! This week has been all about working on promotion, stocking my etsy shop, and being present on FB. One problem: etsy connection to fb doesn’t connect to my regular fb account. That makes it kinda hard to make my shop known without shamelessly posting and sharing…. I don’t like doing that and I’m not even sure it’s in good taste. I read a great blog post yesterday you might like:
    from Alison Stanfield, author of I’d Rather Be In The Studio
    Great post! I’m going to share it on FB!


  2. Hooray for all your artisans showing us your fabulous works of art on the internet. We can learn, we can order very special gifts for the ones who “have everything”, we can get inspiration for our writing, as I do everytime you post! I am with you 100% in urging all artisans to get their own blog, their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc. It is indispensable these days.


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