Most quilters are a good lot. They laugh, have fun and have a healthy sense of humor. If you doubt this read a few comments on FB, they have  a lot of  funny things to say.

I attended a quilt show where there was a display that was the cutest and most imaginative one I can think of. These  were on display  courtesyf Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest , a huge quilt shop {and they  have web site}.

They made these little babies  themselves, you have to admire the creativity and imagination that went into these.

Thess may inspire comments, but they are all in the spirit of fun.

This is a must for the stylish mermaid. Be a fashion setter not follower!For the stylish mermaid.

Make a big  fashion splash,you’re sure to get noticed in this little number.  This  pink feather little number will attract flamingos from everywhere, so be forewarned, alert the zoo.

    The girls love daisies. How many it take to make a bouquet can vary.

   What more can I say,I am in fact speechless. This picture speaks for itself.

 Th is for very posh occasions, grand balls, meeting the queen, the opera. It just tops any other bra you could buy, even at Victoria’s Secret [if you would ever do such a thing].


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