If you hadn’t heard yet, Bonnie McCaffery, a well know quilt artist, quilter & teacher has started a new blog. That’s going to be interesting, I’m sure you’re thinking. Judging from her other – websites, FB and so forth, they are all interesting, entertaining and informative.

But whoo Nelly, this is not going to be a blog about quilting. Yes, you heard me right. She is branching out in a new direction, as to content, on this  new one. I will explain. If you have been following her online you will already know she is a skilled photographer. I regularly enjoy her beautiful photos, posted from time to time on FaceBook. This blog will feature photography, in particular improving our skills in taking photos. The blog I Photo A Day, proposes to do just that take one photo a day and with frequency improvement will follow. I understand there will be opportunities to share, discuss and make improvement.


  1. This is a truly amazing set of photos from which I can clearly see a quilt developing. Plum blossoms and moss squares–wonderful and lyrical, somehow!


    1. Bonnie. Thanks for the heads up on those links. I’ve got them saved.
      One question, when are we doing the online discussion?{when we have bit bigger group for more input i guess. I know there are several interested already].
      When does the week start with our new assignments? I checked a few times but it probably is this weekend.I have not done last weeks assignment yet,and it was such a good one,thanks for the quality info.
      But there has been rain here and I needed a subject and I don’t have any white outside walls…so I’m still working on it. I know excuses excuses,”The dog ate my homework”.
      Like many people I don’t think about setting up the shot and the conditions, I just think about the image I am seeing in my my viewfinder. With a few exceptions, like back lighting, avoiding direct sunlight, facing the subjects into the sun, that sort of thing.
      What day are the new assignments given?
      Well as usual I’m blabbing away, so I think I’d better stop now. I’ll check the links right now..
      Ps..Being a single Mom is the hardest thing we can ever do, I could write a book on that topic. But Bonnie, you’re doing a good job judging from the faces of your family in your pictures.There is love on those faces,y, you’re doing good job. There is love, connection,and peace on those faces.


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