Denise Tallon Havlan quilts of Unbridled Passion

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Denise Tallon Havlan’s award winning art quilts have been described with words like innovative, imagination , excellence in workmanship.

In her creative approach she has indeed marched to the beat of her own drummer and the results are stunning.  The name she has given to one of her out standing quilts, ” Unbridled Passion” is a good description of her quilts as a whole.

Her approach to her work is passionate.  It is alive with color. The design and composition are bold  &  strong. You are going to find it difficult to pull your attention away.   You will not walk away and forget one of her works, they are memorable and unique

Here’s a peek into the woman behind those amazing images, the faces that look back at you and connect with you authentically.

Art Quilter, Lecturer, Teacher

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My visual…

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One thought on “Denise Tallon Havlan quilts of Unbridled Passion”

  1. My passions of admiration are getting every more unbridled the longer I gaze at this wonderful fabric art of Denise Havlan’s! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing these wonders here today.


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