WIth the warmer weather comes new growth, flowers blooming and people out doing fun acyivties.There are so many photographic  opportunities.. So our cameras are clicking, recording it all.

I have the bug, I’ll admit it. I take far too may pictures and I enjoy it,  lately I’ve been having fun playing around with photo shop. l’ll share a few pics I took and some of my experiments too. I promise to go easy on you, not too many, well I’ll try.











  1. I am wallowing with intense pleasure in these petals. I especially enjoyed the editing you did with some of these shots. Great material for your fabric art, dear lady!


    1. Thanks so much, it amazes mw how fun and easy Photoshop makes it. I see a lot of wonderful photographers out there, who are so creative in their editing and are able to just conjure up such strikingdeas. One, who I follow on FB, Bonnie Bruno, is a master, producing artwork rather than just beautiful photos [I’m not saying there is anything wrong with beautiful photography,I love striking images} but she adds another layer of interest. Bonnie McCaffery does some striking images of flowers, very close up and I love what she is doing with her macro lens.I love photrography,evidenced by the multiple photos on my blog. -Barb


      1. In the Photoshoto program there are severaal setting under special effects. One which effects transluceny and and several that effect
        the edges. If you get get the less expensive one it’s under $100, and works great fror us amatures. I was aiming for subtlness in most of them, luded or some with no effect whats so ever for contrast.


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