This is a Fiber art blog definitely an art quilting blog.

I think it is clear that I enjoy photography as well.  In fact my photos aid in making my art quilts.Photography is an art form as well.

Art can be passed on through heredity, there were several commercial artists in my family, as well as some very talented amatures. Must be that  left side/ right side brain thing. There it is, hate math, live art, that’s me.

We can agree that one art form can lead to others. So here’s an example of that point.

 Since I have a captive audience, { well I suppose you can leave, but I hope not} I’d like to share  a few photos I took in early spring, of  some local ferns with their new fronds emerging

I have a little announcement/plug to make. As you may well know, I am soon opening my own art web site. Exciting and scary for me.  I plan to keep

my etsy shop open as well, I’ll carry many non art items such as table runners, bed spreads, baby quilts and a section for fine art photography,  high resulation art prints. I hope you will be willing to support my new website, which I’ll give further details soon, as well as my etsy shop


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