In Standard Sublimation the dye does not penet...

Have you ever wanted to learn the intimidating art of dyeing fabric? I know that if you’re a quilt artist , you probably do, that’s if you ain’t already proficient at it. I am fascinated to learn, intimidated yes, but really want to in the worst way [ I use silk painting on my work, it’s similar,  permanent and gives me the control I want] but I always  feel I’m missing out on something. Well, Diannajessie’blog has the answer for you. She has gathered a whole list of references that will provide just the help and confidance to try it. Head on over if you’re feeling that you’re missing out on something too. I’ll see you there.


  1. Thanks for your post Barbara – I’m so glad that sharing useful information helps us all – now I need to get started on dyeing. Maybe the book and e-book will be my first investments:) Have a great week. Dianna


  2. I have been wanting to dye too. I was direct to Dharma on the internet. I am going to try heliographic dyeing since I have an abundance of sunshine where I live and it doesn’t require all the harsh chemicals and is less expensive.


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