Quilits, wonderful Quilts MQX x

As promised, I’ll share a  few more quilts from the big MQX show. Pick out your faves and shout it on out! It’s interesting to see who likes what. Funny how tastes are so varied.

Did I mention last post, that there seemed to be more quilts with glimmer  and shimmer? I had to find out which methods were used, besides the obvious  metallic thread. It finally  occurred to me “What about those nice neat cards provided for each quilt?” Might the cards  shine some light on this question [excuse the pun]?” Goodness me yes. So here are a few more lovelies. I hope the glimmer is visible on film.

MQX quilts
Gold embellishment, I’ll zoom in more next shot.

A quilt with gold gittery beauty
Come closer my dear

Closer examination, can you see the glint of gold? It appears to b the thread

MQX show quilt
The colors are luminous
How’s about this one? You have to love it.
A beautiful quilt from MQX quilt show.
He just glistens, how beautiful? Excuse me if this picture is a bit blurry, but I was very excited.

After c0llecting some information, I literally ran to the Superior Threads booth, with a salvaged snip of paper dredged from the bottom of my purse. It had the names of some of the products used on these gorg. quilts. “I gotta have these, a whole lot of these, in many many colors of these”. I blurted out when I saw the sales rep. He seemed, well, startled.  I was pretty urgent I suppose. It must have sounded as if I was asking him to call an ambulance. Yet,  didn’t everyone else who looked upon all this magnificence do just the same?  Certainly they must have, what was  wrong with this man? He should have become accustomed to it by now! I don’t know, is it possible for men to love glitter as much as women? Maybe not.