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The Green, Red and Gray That Are Fall

In the pursuit of viewing as many posts as possible for the weekly photo blog,” One Photo a Week”- green, I found  so many wonderful sites. Here are a  few examples of the beautiful content and photos offerings. Many of these have words which define the choice.

The following link  is accompanied by poetic words which match the beauty of the photo.

There are so so many sites worthy of your attention, I can’t include them all.  Please begin your own exploration of  links  to find your own  list and enjoy the journey!

“Heading for Winter, we are enjoying the fading colors of Autumn.
It is nice to look back – and forward – to warmer times.
This photo shows Summer with all that grows in full power and growth.

The cycle of Seasons has something magical.
Each year we arrive at the same place in biological time.
So we know what we are heading for and what will arrive.
Including enjoying the unique beauty of everything on display that is there.
All the time.”-Chris Breebaart,

Another  use of green: on this blog., sums up what comes to many of our minds


Another entry photo, I am humbled by the talent,


More use of green:

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