Marion Barnett sent me one of her books, a great resource for fiber artists.

ZI’ve just recently received a book from the talented UK fiber artist Marion Marnett. It is about a product called  Lutradur .

It seems  relatively unknown here in the states, certainly seems to be used infrequently. In any case, I’ve not  heard about it, until reading  Marion’s Face Book page .]. She is enthusiastic and that enthusiasm is catchy.  Marion uses it extensively in much of her beautiful  work. The fact that she’s written a whole book about it, leads me to believe this is a great product. She has stirred my curiosity. I thought it might interest you as well.

Marion’s book’s is entitled ” Lovely Lutradur” by Marion Barnett & Dijanne Cevaal. In her book she explains what it is, its properties &  it’s application. She has included projects and a gallery, which give examples of what this product can add to your work.

If  you are already familiar with Lutradur  [hence providing me an example of the value of  thorough research, driving home this lesson,” to avoid embarrassment, check the facts thoroughly” ].  share your experience with us please.

I’m dying to try it in myself. I’ll update you on my results. In the meantime, check  out the interview I did with Marion back in November

From photo to art
From photo to art One of Marion’s pieces.