JANOME’S New Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP Progress Report

In a recent post,  which was about my new sewing machine, Janome‘s new Horizon 8900 QCP, I promised a follow up. I’m laughing, only a quilter would have a whole post dedicated to her sewing machine! But truth be told, this machine is worthy of a whole post, even two!

After having a chance to try her out a bit more,  I find I’m still in love with this machine. It is perfect for all you who are quilting big items with that roomy 11″ neck. The stitch quality is very good, an A+. It has so many bells and whistles,  I’m having a blast trying them.There are a lot of features I could tell you about, I’ll mention only a few,  my fingers and hunt and peck typing is limiting me.

One feature that will knock your socks off, is how easily the pressure plate can be changed from a wide opening to plate to a quilting single whole one. The single stitch plate is a good one for free motion quilting, it  stabilizes the stitches, as all you quilters know.

If you hate screwing and unscrewing those inconvenient little screws to get the pressure plate on and off, rejoice, do a happy dance, those days are gone!!! You-just push an easily  reached lever and up pops that pressure plate, no fuss at all. This is a wonderful invention, I can’t tell you how many times I have squeezed my hand into an awkward little space while trying to hold on to a  tiny little screwdriver, to unscrew those blasted screws, only to drop them multiple times? This is genius.

It has power to spare,no problem with heavier fabric, there is and adjustment to change the space between the needle and feed dogs. Now that is another brilliant useful feature, especially for quilting those thick quilts, I just learned about that visiting the sewing machine shop where I got my machine. I have to give credit for  Whitlocks, and their staff. Maria, you rock! Todd is awesome. The owner Lynn,  is the nicest man you will ever meet. I’m always bowled over by the customer service they show, unbelievable. I can’t praise and thank them enough! They have a web site  http://www.whitlocks.com if you’re not in Oregon. I couldn’t resist including this, I love that store and the people.

The feed dog system is another great feature, no slipping or shifting. Speed galore.  It comes with 10 feet and extension table included,  the two pressure plates. And here’s an option that I would love, an optional  magnifier that gives a close up look.

Well, I give an  enthusiastic thumbs up on my new wonderful machine. By the way there is a very similar model at about $1000. less and most of the same features, the  8200 QC.

janome 8900 QCP

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  1. I have used my walking foor on my 8900 for the first time today, and have a problem with the dual feed link actually coming out of the upper feed drive, as described on page 15 of instruction book. Has anyone else had this problem?


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