JANOME’S New Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP Progress Report

In a recent post,Β  which was about my new sewing machine, Janome‘s new Horizon 8900 QCP, I promised a follow up. I’m laughing, only a quilter would have a whole post dedicated to her sewing machine! But truth be told, this machine is worthy of a whole post, even two!

After having a chance to try her out a bit more,Β  I find I’m still in love with this machine. It is perfect for all you who are quilting big items with that roomy 11″ neck. The stitch quality is very good, an A+. It has so many bells and whistles,Β  I’m having a blast trying them.There are a lot of features I could tell you about, I’ll mention only a few,Β  my fingers and hunt and peck typing is limiting me.

One feature that will knock your socks off, is how easily the pressure plate can be changed from a wide opening to plate to a quilting single whole one. The single stitch plate is a good one for free motion quilting, itΒ  stabilizes the stitches, as all you quilters know.

If you hate screwing and unscrewing those inconvenient little screws to get the pressure plate on and off, rejoice, do a happy dance, those days are gone!!! You-just push an easilyΒ  reached lever and up pops that pressure plate, no fuss at all. This is a wonderful invention, I can’t tell you how many times I have squeezed my hand into an awkward little space while trying to hold on to aΒ  tiny little screwdriver, to unscrew those blasted screws, only to drop them multiple times? This is genius.

It has power to spare,no problem with heavier fabric, there is and adjustment to change the space between the needle and feed dogs. Now that is another brilliant useful feature, especially for quilting those thick quilts, I just learned about that visiting the sewing machine shop where I got my machine. I have to give credit forΒ  Whitlocks, and their staff. Maria, you rock! Todd is awesome. The owner Lynn,Β  is the nicest man you will ever meet. I’m always bowled over by the customer service they show, unbelievable. I can’t praise and thank them enough! They have a web siteΒ  http://www.whitlocks.com if you’re not in Oregon. I couldn’t resist including this, I love that store and the people.

The feed dog system is another great feature, no slipping or shifting. Speed galore.Β  It comes with 10 feet and extension table included,Β  the two pressure plates. And here’s an option that I would love, an optionalΒ  magnifier that gives a close up look.

Well, I give anΒ  enthusiastic thumbs up on my new wonderful machine. By the way there is a very similar model at about $1000. less and most of the same features, theΒ  8200 QC.

janome 8900 QCP


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13 thoughts on “JANOME’S New Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP Progress Report

  1. How can you do this: “there is and adjustment to change the space between the needle and feed dogs. Now that is another brilliant useful feature, especially for quilting those thick quilts”? I asked my dealer but he didn’t know.
    Thanks Ehavel


    1. I am a little nervious giving out directions since I’m no expert.To make sure you got the right answers, I called by dealership and they said they would be happy to explain to you, that you want. Feel free to call them, they said that they would be happy to help you with your question, Their entire staff are awesome.It’s Whitlock’s 503-585-7771 and the web site is http://www.whitlocks.com. They really were truly happy to help. Barb


      1. I thought a bit of clarification would help. I will give you my own experience, but the reasons I recommended calling Whitlocks are; when I spoke to them on the phone, they said “Have her call us No problem, we will help in any way we can”.So don’t feel like you are a nuisance or uncomfortable calling.I let them know that you were out of state and hadn’t purchased your machine there.So you can set your mind at ease, no pushy sales pitches, [I do think that if you were working on a project that was giving you trouble and you asked them for advise, and they were aware of a foot or something that could solve your problem, they might make you aware of this option, but I can say with certainty they do not push anyone to buy anything.]
        In my experiences, they offered tips and further explainations, if there were any, that might not be mentioned in the. One example of a helpful tip I got involved replacing the bobbin back into the casuing. In in the manuel’s brief directions on how put a bobbin back into the bobbin caseing,.They said line up the 2 red dots. Drop in place. Fine, but I appreciated the tip I got from Whitlock’s to help me seat the bobbin and check that it was placed correctly. They sugested turning the hand wheel back and forth slightly, a few times.The needle should be in the down position.If the bobbin is in there right, it won’t move back and forth too. Small tip, but it was helpful info to me.They have often given a few additional tips to improve my efficient use of the machine, the functions and feet.
        Now, here’s my understanding of what you asked.Found on page 15 in the manuel, I’ve stuck to it closely so I won’t be confusing as I can normally am.. The duel feed foot effects how high or low the needle sits. Attach the dual feed foot to the presser bar & tighten screw slightly. Push the dual feet link to engage it with upper feed drive.[ check picture in manual] With your quilt sandwich in place,Lower the pressure foot lifter & lower the needle to lowest position that so that it accomdates your quilt sandwich, by turning handwheel. Now Tighten the screw set securely with the little screwdriver when it’s situated how you’d like..The pressure foot is now set to accommodate your fabric height.But to double check my understanding call the experts girl!!! Barb
        It’s now adjusted to accomadate the thickness of your quilt sandwich, or what ever.


  2. I trying to make up my mind yo buy the Janome 8900 or the Viking topaz 30 any opinion about both ? What is a reasonable price for Janome? Tough to make a decision. Thanks for your opinion.


    1. Marie, I’m no authority, but I can say that I really love my Janome and it has some outstanding features. When Janome did that little feature on me for their global web site, they asked me several questions. One of theme was “what features did I like about my Janome?”. I would love to show you my list, incredibly long, it went on endlessly. They had to edit out a lot due to space constraints.
      I will mention a couple of absolute over the top great features which, as far as I’m aware, are unique and innovative. First one is the easy pull lever to remove the stitch plate. Brilliant! No more awkward screws to deal with, just an easy pull and up pops the plate, ready to be changed out for the quilting plate.It gives easy access to the bobbin and bobbin case, as well as allows you easy acess to clean out lint that accumalates from thread. I could kiss the person who said,”Let’s include this feature”!! The other, in addition to the obviously wonderful longer neck and added room, is the duel feed system. It feeds the top and bottom fabric layers in a quilt at the same rate, not letting one lag behind a bit creating wrinkles and folds. You don’t suspect this not seeing the underside and then quilt right over. Then it’s let ripping out begin. But there is a lot to love. My machine has worked well for me and I put a very heavy work load on it. All day nonstop most days, & nights.I’m basically using a domestic machine as if it was a commercial one. Although not designed to be a commercial machine, it takes that kind of usage. I do think that the aluminum inner workings gives an advantage as far as durability.
      When I was shopping, Janomes They seemed to cost a less than Vikings, but my price comparisons were made a while back, so I don’t know if that is still true.I am unfamiliar with the Viking Topaz 30. I had some problems with My Viking but it may have been a bad model, the company has a good reputation for quality. I would google the two machines and check out any quilting or sewing forums with discussions that might give you an idea what people are saying about these 2 machines, those who use and own them.
      As far as price, on one of my past posts about my Viking, several of the comments made were on this model’s price were made by ones who were shopping for one at that time about my Janome, there were several comments made concerning the price. If you’re interested in searching them out. Another good source of information is on Janome’s global site, it has a summery of the features of several of their models, this one included. You would be able to know exactly what you will be getting for your money. Maybe Viking has something along the same lines, then you could put them side by side and compare.That could be helpful in making a decision. Sorry about this long reply, I am prone to run on and on. Hope something I said can be helpful.-Barb, ever long winded!


  3. I agree TJ, getting the bobbin being wound right is so important to stitch quality.it’s probably the bobbin winding.

    I found that when I’m winding mine, I need to push up the speed to the maximum and the needle assembly position down.
    But if what you are describing is the loops or “eyelashes” that can form when doing free motion quilting, around curves especially, then you need to slow down how fast you are moving the fabric with the speed going faster than your

    hands are moving the fabric.


  4. I have had the same problem on my 2 Janomes – and caution you to never, ever sew with the loosly wound bobbin. Two things to watch for while winding – One, make sure you get the thread into the tension disks by holding the thread with both hands until you feel a little “ping” as the thread slips into place under the white plastic covers over the thread path. Second, i would loosely pinch the thread a few inches away on it’s way to the bobbin as it is winding – just to make sure you get a very firmly wound bobbin (but not so tight you would strangle the plastic bobbin!). Otherwise, L-O-V-E my 8900.
    TJ in Kingston, WA


  5. I seem to be having trouble with the bobbin tension. I have to slightly hold the thread to get some tension otherwise when filling the bobbin the thread is very loose. Is this the case or am I doing something wrong


    1. I had that same problem and then I put the speed on high and it works great. I had my speed on medium. I hope this helps.


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