Not too bad photos from a camera, I’m loving a new iphone

Iphone sunset
Take a picture out of thee window of a moving car 60 MPH

Driving home with my new iPhone in hand, checking out the new goodies added since my first smart phone iPhone 3. This is an important tool for online sales, I wanted access to my etsy shop, stay in touch and be responsive to questions, sales and so forth. So…being able to conduct my online business on the go was important. I am getting a bit off subject here, enough to say I needed a new phone, liked iPhones, easy to use, end of story.
So as my husband is cruising home, I’m playing with my new phone. Checking out the goodies, having fun with my new toy.What can this baby do?
I glanced out the car window, my eyes pop out of my head, wow what a sunset. It was just screaming to be captured on film, so unusual, dramatic.  Isn’t that just typica?You see something that inspires you, you are already composing a photo in your mind, what a oppurunity. It’s one fleeting moment and then poof it’s gone, never to be seen again. I’m picturing an art quilt, yessire that’d be good. I want a picture, I want a picture..Where’s your camera when you need it? Home safe in its case.
Then I had a crazy thought, people on commercials say their phone is all the camera they need and always with them so convenient. Ba Hum bug, no way. But that sunset was screaming out “take a picture!!!”. Well… I do have my new phone, and it does have a camera,and since I had nothing to lose, and since I was test driving this baby..Well,why not take a picture with it?
So as we are zipping along the highway, 60 miles per hour, no settings for shutter speed. I the hate the old “tourist hanging out the car window travel photos, and that’s exactly what I’m about to do. My expectations were low to say the least.

Aside from the motion blurred effect, that I actually rather liked, arty and all, it took much better pictures than I would have ever expected. Not horrible, even a few I kinda liked raw and abstract ish, light and color and motion. I took a few and played with them with on Photoshop. I’m surprised, but pleasantly so. Yeah iPhone!

60 per sunset

I would say not too bad for a phone photo
I would say not too bad for a phone photo
Road shot
Road shot
A little playling around effects
A little playling around effects


Abstract sunset

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