Ann Fahl’s secret to amazing applique`

Applique Ann's Way

Ann Fahl recently sent me her latest,“Applique`Ann’s Way”. I’m positive this booklet will be welcomed with enthusiasm

I couldn’t pull off those carefully wrapped layers of bubble wrap fast enough.. I admit, I am an impatient person, but this was from Ann Fahl after all! She’s a quilt artist that I have long admired.and respected .

If the subject of applique`arises many quilters feel intimidated, it seems so difficult. It can seem like that old monster in the closet that we feared as a child. BOOO, scary but there is nothing to fear, it simply isn’t real. Applique-phobia is an imagined monster as well. What you need is a really good teacher to shine some light on the subject. The right instruction can make all the difference.
Ann Fahl has done just that, provided excellent instruction for doing applique`.You’ll find it is easier than you imagined. She has provided clear, easy to follow instructions which simplify the process. Sometimes I think certain methods are explained in terms and directions that a rocket scientist might have trouble following, joking of course, but why complicate things? I appreciate that Ann gives clear easy to follow.directions.Banish that old monster hiding in the closet!!!

Ann has included 6 of her favorite methods, 3 with feed dogs up [“Feed dogs up? You may say, How is this possible? “ Yes, those dogs are up. Doesn’t it sound easier already?] and 3 other methods with the feed dogs down. You’ll find a method that works for you

Ann has included many excellent tips, saving you the frustration that can come, not knowing those shortcuts and tricks which make it so much easier. She gives detailed help with problems that can arise on occasion and the solution, several pages worth. Don’t we all appreciate a handy reference guide to refer to when sewing machine problems rear their ugly head?

With my own art quilting, I use a fair amount of applique. I enjoy it and see myself as confident. Yet when examining Ann’s work, it is obvious that she has set the bar mighty high, it is meticulous.

Personally, anything I can glean from Ann Fahl, any new technique, insight or method, I want to scoop it up and savor it. It’s like that last bowl of your favorite ice cream, you savor every last spoonful, if you weren’t the mannerly lady that I know you are, you might be tempted to lick the bowl to get every delicious drop. That’s how you’ll feel about “Applique’ Ann’s Way” you’ll want to savor each page. Ann is a recognized master at her craft
Ann has produced an impressive list of instructional material. The concept of booklets is a good idea. They’re reasonably priced & covering one subject thoroughly,
With Ann’s Fahl’s help you can banish that monster, clean out that closet and have some fun with applique`!



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    • Ann is such a great quilt artist, with a body of beautiful work to her name. [FYI, I have a nice interview with her in my archive of interviews]. But she is also generous in sharing her wealth of knowledge. Her booklets in particular, are jam packed with so much useful information. I was thrilled to be asked to review some of these, from an artist I have so much respect for.
      I think my favorite is the booklet on working with metallic threads, the bane of many an art quilter. When I received it, I assumed it would be aimed at a beginning level, those just starting to experiment. WRONG! Was I ever wrong. I’ve used them a lot in my quilts and thought I had a pretty good handle on their use. But I have to say, there were some real gems I found in her booklet. These booklets are useful to art quilters on any level. Practical inormation that even experienced quilters can benefit from.


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    • Ann Fahl is amazing, her work exquisite and her teaching skills, so clear and easy to follow! It was my privledge to be asked to offer my impresssions of “Applique Ann’s Way”.I highly recomnend it.I know Ann will appreciate your comment as well.