Cherry Blossoms, It’s Raining Pink!

  • I have been working on a new quilt that has kept me mighty busy. It’s a 4 foot by 18 inch panel. The subject is an old gnarled cherry tree,with the perspective of looking up the trunk of an old gnarled twisted cherry tree to a pink cloud of blossoms.
  • I painted my cherry blossoms on silk and cut them all out. Then I began to applique zillions of the pink blossoms.onto the fabric I had painted for the background. To give the jfinal details and depth, I used thread painting. It adds an almost sculptural element.
  • I will be seeing pink for some time to come.
  • I finished my quilt and here it is.” It’s Raining Pink.
  • This art quilt is from the perspective of looking up the trunk of an old twisted cherry tree. It carries the scars gained from many years. As you look up you see a cloud of pink above. Your eyes follow the slow drift of a pink petal as it finally reaches the ground below your feet, that is  covered with pink. Is it raining pink?

It's Raining Pink- detail

It's Raining Pink

perfect pink blossoms cover the limb