Can you say garden? How about Trending?

I’m on a garden art quilt rampage. I think I may be doing what is called “trending”, but on a personal level. Honestly, I’m not entirely convinced,I have it right, there are so many phrases that go right over my head. For example, hash tags? What on earth are they? N0 clue. When confronted with these high tech”children” [ almost children, they seem to come out of the womb fully skilled with these abilities. Are there now small computers in there with them? ] . I am sure that I stand out, there is no way to fake it, they know.There  I am stand, like a fish out of water, mumbling, trying to sound as if I understand the conversation, but they know these smart knowledgeable youth, and I confuse them with my ignorance, especially the phone “support” guys that I am constantly on the phone with, This is “support?”{some support, they talk over my head, in Martian as far as I know.I hear their long sighs as I ask, “start button? What’s that? or Settings?  I don’t know where that is” “What on earth?  is this woman from Mars?” Well of course not, if I was, I would  understand what you are saying.

 Well I’ll let those gall dern high fluting younguns try to figure out  what I’m saying for a change. The only problem with this approach is, frankly, I don’t think they’d even care. One would say to the other one,”What’s all those  funny noises coming out of that crazy lady’s mouth?” The other “dude”[ notice I got that one right! I watch American Idol and Randy Jackson applies dude to girls as well as guys. So Boom, take that! “].In any case the other dude would say, “Man, I don’t know.. But who cares anyway?”. In fact  I’m doubtful they even notice I am standing there.

OK, back to hash tags, I am interested to know what they are. That phrase is used a lot, and there I am with a blank look on my face,” hum., I  think it’s likely that  drool is dripping out of the corner of my mouth, like the village idiot or something. Please all the village idiots like myself, don’t take offense, I am drooling after all and what does that indicate? I sure I don’t need to explain that.

I’m working hard to solve the mystery of the ” hash tags”myself. I can’t just come out and ask someone. That would show how uncool I really am [ like I’m fooling anyone.ha ha.]

My plan is a more covert approach. Listen to conversations, quietly &  unobserved. My ability to blend into walls becoming invisible to all those techno smarty pants, will prove to be a  helpful skill. If I gather enough information,   I’ll figure it out.

One thing I’ve noticed, many of these phrases are  phone related, especially connected to texting. Or even worse they are linked to my arch nemesis, computers. I dare not even dwell on that subject because they’ll hear and start another round of endless and unsolvable problems.

So I will wind this down, including the link to the new listing on Etsy,  just in case  you too, may have been trending on garden art quilts lately. The area below has lots of pictures and detailed views. I wish that the pearlized paints I mixed , glitter and sparkle showed up better in the photos, but alas it doesn’t,  but take my word it is pretty. Don’t worry I exercised restraint so that they are added  tastefully and don’t overpower.

IFeverFew Big Sky Blue FlowersIMG_0044

Pink sparkle flowersMG_0116

Delicate pink and white flowersIMG_0052


Delicate pink and white flowersIMG_0052


Feverview and blue flowersIMG_0100

FeverfewBlue Flowers Big Sky

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  1. P.S. here’s the darned little ‘#’. You affix it without spaces to the front of a word/name you wish to highlight when tweeting so the Twitter search engine thingy picks it up, but it has to be all one word e.g. #BarbaraHarmsFiberArt. Or #quilting. At least I think this is how it works.


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