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This week’s Photo Challenge is FOCUS. I thought of many different ways that the theme focus could be applied. For example, the focus that a  small child has examining an interesting bug. Perhaps a student studying for a big test. It might be the focus shown by an art lover, seeing his favorite artist’s work in person. I remember the first time I ever saw a Monet in person, years ago in LA. Standing in front of the actual painting, it was close enough to touch.  I had seen this painting millions of times….in books, but this is the original. I just stared and stared. These brushstrokes were made by his own hand. He’s gone, but his brushstrokes remain. Stand close,, and you see dabs of color, step back and the eye mixes them and the painting takes on a different appearance. I was focused, let me tell you, time stopped as I focused on that painting. I had many thoughts about the word focus, bouncing around in my head.

After rereading the challenge, I concluded that the application of focus we are being directed towards, was the  focus  through the lens of  a camera. Our focus can be used to create interesting photos. With so many possibilities, this should be an interesting week.

I thought this could really stretch us to see things from a different angle. You know, outside the box. Let creativity run amock! Which is a good thing, especially for us amateurs. My mind is boggled by the variety that could result with so many people with their creativity on overdrive. This sounded so interesting. I have done a bit of playing around with this idea before. But I’m especially interested to see what the many pros do with it. Here’s a real opportunity for me to learn.

Just one more thought that struck me, I was referring to Monet earlier, it’s that strange? Must be the old subconscious working. The impressionists were doing this same thing, seeing things from a new perspective. Not being defined by the norm. So cool, isn’t that what this challenge is about?  I’m going to dive into all the posts I can, right after after I post this. It’s going to be a blast, seeing the many different results which imagination has produced.



The  world is contained in a drop

AA single glissening drop

Pink & White

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