Help I need a new custom theme by tomorrow!!

I don’t know if  i have  mentioned this, but on vacation a few weeks back, I fell down a flight of stairs. I know, I know what would possess me to carry so many things in my arms that I couldn’t see in front of me? Total laziness, I didn’t want to make two trips down the stairs to carry two loads of stuff, lol. At least  I didn’t have to carry those two loads down, that sure would have been a bother. I did find a very fast method of transport though..  it all arrived in a big heap at the bottom, along with me. In this fast downward descent  I managed to break 2 ribs and one leg. Which brings me to the point of my post,, the one contained in  the  title.

Because  I have been languishing  around, laying on my couch with my leg propped up and knocked out on pain meds, I have failed to take note that this custom theme expires tomorrow! Oh my I’m in a fix because I want to change to a responsive gallery type, that has a big beautiful full width space for the header, and is able to display my quilt in galleries, preferably which allow several different views, and it would be nice to be able to get a  large blow up, when the pic is clicked  on or hovered over. plenty of space for space for picture galleries  and large nice script. attractive, colorful, adventurous and  hopefully 2 menus. That’s the extent of my forethought EXCEPT I would also love it , if it could be converted to an e-commerce site later on, that would be sweet.  Oh and remember I am a computer NON GEEK [ what would that  make me? What should I be called an anti-geek? Perhaps techno challenged, or geek kryptonite [ yes that is the correct spelling for kryptonite, I looked it up on Google under super heroes ]?

I am not trying to  make  fun of geeks,  the whole world is dependent on their skills.. I actually need to find one who is willing to be my new best friend, and is generous sharing his knowledge with the challenged. In fact isn’t this an  actual valid avenue  of  the  support  options being provided for us these days on numerous website “support” departments.. If you possess the necessary skills to navigate the web, you may be unaware of this latest development  in website  support, A little technique, which  I fondly call ,” support provided by companies who are too cheap and disinterested in their customers to provide genuine phone support after you have already purchased their services”. I like it, y. Of course if you call the sales department you will instantly be connected with a real person who would love to talk with you.

What I was referring was the latest  support  on a regular basis. listed as a valid support option on all the “contact support” you may click on? They suggest that you read a document  from their vast help documents vault,[ which are so hard to understand if you are contacting support let us assume that you like myself mat be computer challenged, so are they going to understand terminology? I think not.] if that is unsuccessful, try to find help on one of the forums [ are all those people who are  commenting really being paid as support employees?] and if all else fails ask a friend who knows about computers, I swear I’ve seen these support options on multiple website ” contact us for support most contact support”support resource on my support c part of “support” on most help support , the. tThat uis f Well it has to be fairly simple to customize.

Anyone who is a blooming genius and can suggest  something? Boy would this broken, demented [the meds] and no geeklike woman appreciate any ideas?

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    • I suppose I’ll keep this one, it was so messed up that I thought I’d start anew. About 2/3s of my archived posts,were all messed up and not showing, this bothered me because of all the interviews that are so interesting were not showing. Oh the list is long, menu all wrong…I’m sure I caused it all myself somehow.I work til about 3:00 last night tried to fix things, probable made things worse. Oh well I’ve run out of time.