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My Scottie Plays Soccer Believe Me?

I have mentioned several times that my Scottie plays soccer. From the snort of restrained laughter, I have the impression that certain people are skeptics! I decided to offer proof and settle this disbelief. I’ll tell you one thing about our skeptics, they aren’t quilters, not a one.

Quilters trust each other, it’s part of the quilter’s code. How could it be otherwise?
How else would you explain the confidence they place in patterns, usually  designed by other quilters  ? Who else would cut out literally hundreds of tiny little fabric pieces for days, sorting according fabric and color value?
Then the hours assembling and sewing them together. All based on the calculations and math worked out by the quilter who designed it. We trust it will not be 11 pieces short of what is need to finish.

My second reason?Many quilters are animals lovers with good hearts. They know how clever animals are. Cats seem to be the pet of choice, but they love all.
I’d like to point out this curious unrelated fact. Cats and Scotties are very similar. I often think of Scotties as the “cats” of the dog world. They share certain personality traits.
# 1 royalty Both rule the house and the humans in it. We are owned by them, we obey.

#2-Independence  Both are extremely independent.They do what they want, when they want. Come & go as they please, nap when they choose, wake you when they wish. They love you, but it’s on their terms. We are are the bringer of food and that’s a point in our favor, they do have affection, but cannot be controlled by us.
#3 Self determination  They are above the law and cannot be constrained by silly human rules, that simply don’t apply to them. They will not dignify your commands by taking any notice whatsoever. Tell a cat to stay off the counters, he’ll probably make it his expressed purpose to do just the opposite.
Command a Scottie to do anything. He’ll ignore you completely. Many Scottie humans will tell you it takes about a year to potty train them. They could care less about obeying you, but offer food as the reward and your odds of success raise.

Assuming that you as a quilter are not a skeptic you might enjoy these shots   for fun.
For any skeptics, meet Rosie the soccer dog.
FWI She wasn’t trained, like that would happen???HA HA


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Here’s Rosie the soccer dog








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