Seuss Over You


I just felt like goofing with crazy wild quilting the other night. I have these fluorescent Superior threads that were calling my name, ” Come out and play!”. Then there were these wildly colored fabrics… I don’t use my stash much these days, use my own painted/dye fabric, mostly silk. These prints, so insanely color saturated they must have simply lost their minds, were screaming out too, “USE ME YOU Fool”, rude yes, but what could I do? This fabric is not, I repeat NOT dress fabric! Here’s how it went. Cut and fused the first day, began free motion that same evening. Here’s my progress so far. Will it pan out into an actual quilt? We’ll see, time will tell??? It is an explosion of color for certain.

End of day 1, cutting and fusing shape finished. Beginning freemotion.
End of day 1, cutting and fusing shape finished. Beginning freemotion.
Suess All Over You
( Day 1 free motion
After a few more days, it's well..still colorful.
After a few more days, it’s well..still colorful.

Update on progress. 9/15/2013 [ psstt, a few days later.]

As I’ve continued to work on this, it has taken shape. I’ve made progress on the free motion applique, getting all those loose little edges tidied up. I’m having fun with the free motion quilting/embroidery. I have continued to add layer after layer of colored thread and it is beginning to make me think,”Seuss!!” rather than an “explosion on color.”

When I began work on this, my working title was “An Explosion of Color”. Now I’m thinking more along the lines of Dr. Seuss, “An Explosion of Seuss?” or maybe “Seuss Over Youse?”, that’s it. The working title sounds so Seuss-ish. I do believe this has become a actual art quilt, not a doodle pad. “Seuss Over Youse”.

Suess? Definitely.
Seuss? Definitely.

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    1. Denise, I add my layer of batting and often a stabilizer as well, when I think that a lot of stitching will be needed and don’t want that much thread buildup showing. I like to disguise it as much as is reasonably possible.
      Save some work for the quilting that’s needed once the back is attached.


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