Good bye Seuss

I’ve  finished ! “Seuss Over Youse” is all done. It was loads of fun and I’ll miss thing two and thing one.

Enough of this silliness, I’ve run out of material anyway. But you have to admit I made the effort!

In any case. here is the finished quilt, “Seuss Over Youse”.

Seuss Over Youse,

Seuss Over Youse

Seuss Over Youse detail

Detailed view


9 thoughts on “Good bye Seuss”

  1. Barbara, you have an amazing brain.
    Your creativity breaks all the boundaries!
    I would have loved a quilt like this back when I was first learning to read. Dr. Seuss book were my mainstay! My friend Chellie and I would sit in the school library and take turns reading pages.

    Your quilt is so colorful and full of whimsy. Seuss would have been proud!


    1. Bonnie I need to check your photos there ae several new ones I noticed that I hadn’t seen. I love you beautiful vibrant work and so many of the beautiful art pieces that can be hung just great so I’m going go look at that right now and look forward to seeing more by Barb


    2. Bonnie I just noticed you have posted some new photos so I need
      to head out to your website & take a look, I think your abstracts are among my favorite work. I like seeing them mounted gallery style, that adds so so much to look. I like how you pictured them in realistic home settings so we can see how they could fit into our house. A great idea. See you soon Bonnie!


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