That’s nice. Posted on Fiber Art Now’s Page

Just got a notification that the magazine Fiber Art Now has posted 2 sf my quilts on their FB page in the  category “Work we like”.

It’s  nice to receive a nod of approval. Thanks Fiber Art Now. I tried to include links, not sure if they work, it posted the whole page so you may have to scroll to find them, Seuss Over Youse was posted earlier so you may have to scroll down more to find. The other one is my newest ” Two Daisies” and is closer to the top. It’s in their stream as well.

ct to get a nod of approval. Thanks Fiber Art Now Art Now the Mag



you’ll see my quilts, this ones”Seuss” was posted before “2 Daises” so you might have to scroll longer. there lo find it.


Two Daisies

Seuss Over Youse

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