Two Daisies

Here is my latest quilt, just finished and posted on Etsy. I know you’ve seen it, a few peeks here and there.

I hand painted the silk then added a bit of applique. and then the thread painting commenced.

As I mentioned somewhere [was it here? I don’t know]  I don’t design any of my quilts ahead of time, but just go as the mood strikes me. I inevitably

get carried away, because I’m having fun, and paint a large amount of content, with no thought of the hours involved in thread painting all that content.

There seems to be a disconnect between the two sides of my brain. The artist side of my brain, the person who is doing the painting, never stops to think about the amount of work she’s creating for the art quilter, the one who  will be doing the all that thread painting. All those flowers and blades of grass, over crowded, spilling from their allotted space.” Now this is going to take a LONG time to complete”.

The the art quilter brain takes over where the painter left off. The quilt artist gets carried away too. I just keep wanting to add more and more, I’m never be able to walk away and say there that’s enough.

There’s always one more little detail, ” What if I added just a bit more color on those flowers down on the right?” [ these are the very same flowers that an hour earlier I had declared to be “finished!”] wouldn’t they look prettier? ” . One more little touch here or a slight change, I can’t stop. I just keep on tweeking until I’ve plumb worn myself out.

My two disconnected brain sides need to reach an understanding. But there’s the rub [as good ole Will would say] I like making my quilts, I enjoy the process. My disconnected brain isn’t so far off.

So here’s that quilt. I have an album on my FB page if you want to see more.

two daisies

Two Daisies


  1. Wow. Your quilt is really beatuiful. I love the flowers and plants design. I’m not usally one for quilts but this one I could have!


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