2 garden quilts


I’ve started two new garden quilts. They may both have garden themes, but they are polar

opposites. The first quilt, with the black background is the crazy funky. I made no attempt to

achieve any look of realism . When I get to the point of working on finishing the applique and

thread work, I plan on using the most outrageous screaming color, as I can find, with fun

quilting motifs. It’s loud, it’s bold, with lots of bright color. It might appeal to more modern


Funky Flowers




 Orange  Blue Field


My second garden may have more appeal to those whose tastes run to soft florals., a bit of

romance. Like the first quilt, it does have deep rich color. Orange and blue make such a great

color combo. Although there is deep color, this has a softer look, it’s stylized nature. It

has blue and orange flowers with a few peachy pink ones thrown in for contrast. This is heavily

thread painted [ Remember, when I arrived at my retreat, I had already started working on this,

then at the retreat we worked all the days and most of the night? I still haven’t finished. I used


metallic blue thread to create highlights., it adds special touch..

So here is a preview of these 2 unfinished garden art quilts. See what you think.

I think you will can get an inkling of the direction I am heading with each one.

So hear we go…



Orange and Blue Field

Orange and Blue Field
A closer detail






Orange and Blue Field



Neon Garden

FFunky Gardendetail unfinished