Its Snowing


We’ve had snow for several days and the weather has been so cold, that instead of melting,

it is staying on the ground, uncharacteristic  for Oregon. I’m exaggerating a bit , Oregon does

receive a small amount of snow occasionally. When that infrequent event occurs everything

seems to slow down. Schools are often closed for a day or two, at the slightest amount of

snow, disappointing all of our children. I don’t have to tell you that, we all know how much

those little nippers love school.

There’s less traffic on the roads, those who are generally driving more carefully

Many, people stay in, and don’t drive. Especially if there is a layer of ice hidden

under that deceptively beautiful white blanket. That ice makes your car slippery,

sliding about quite unresponsive to your loud screaming or any feeble attempts to

gain back control of your car.Now here’s a 

POP QUIZ, what are you supposed to do when your car hydroplanes?

A- Turn the wheel  into the direction your car is sliding? or

B- Turn the wheel in the opposite direction of the sliding? or

C-Bale out, while you are praying for a soft landing place, and for forgiveness

and a last minute conversion to God, hoping He will buy it?

With that last question, sorry, you’re on your own here. I’m not God, but you may

be on thin ice with that one. I’d assume he’s looking for sincerity. Even I wouldn’t

even accept a last minute marriage proposal, justcause you audience waiting, and

the bride didn’t show. Then the groom turns to me and asks me to marry him. No way,

As to the other answers on the Quiz, I don’t have the answers, as you may have guessed by

 now, I made the questions up, surprise!

I don’t know the answers, you should ask someone who lives a region with snow. Before you

call me a wimp and irritating numskull, remember, I’m a Vegas girl. I don’t gamble, but if you

do, don’t bet on snow in Las Vegas, your 

odds of winning that one are low, really low. After all you’re are living in a desert for

goodness sake!

In Vegas people have absolutely NO IDEA of how to drive in it, We don’t  even recognize what

it is, [unless you’re a skier.]  we say things like, “What’s this white stuff? Why is it coming

from the sky?”So don’t blame me. This may make you curious enough to search for the

answers, and save your life someday I love Oregon, Las Vegas kids and anything else which might have




DISCLAIMER-Please don’t take me seriously, everything I said was joking an a attempt at humor, I liked living in  Las  Vegas, love Oregon, love kids and would not seriously attempt criticism of anyone’s  prayers to reconcile with God, or any thing else which might offend. someone somehow


Its Snowing" We're not in Vegas anymore"