Can you hear a person drool? Audio posting-Part one

As a fiber artist my blog contains to use many photos of my work. I also spend a of time writing posts for the social media presence I maintain on the web.

{ha ha] These are necessities with any attempt to market my work. Most social media sites, want  bios these include a photo of the artist.

Keeping up with all this writing takes time, why my terrible spelling alone consumes huge blocks of time.  So when I became aware of Word presses audio

posting over your phone, I said, “Hot Dog! This sounds like it might help me out!] .

As  I was experimenting with word press’s  feature , I’ve discovered a interesting fact. When it says it is an audio post, that is exactly what it means,

audio. It posts a recording of what you just spoke over the phone, not a written transcript. I discovered this as I was attempting to enable the audio post

feature on my blog. I called the number given and entered the code it gave me. Pleased, that it was now enabled and ready to use I thought to myself,

“Good, it is now enabled, I’ll use it on my next post”.  But to my surprise, it was ready to post at that very moment and gave me the prompt to


My mind went blank, my eyes glazed over, shock set in. I wasn’t expecting to make a post immediately, I had nothing prepared. After long a shocked

silence, I hung up. what the phrase “audio post” meant. I realized audio posting meant, audio, not a transcript of your conversation.

A bit later, I noticed that it had been posted. WHAT?? I clicked on it and a audio recording began to play back the whole thing. There was a click as the

recording began, followed by a long shocked silence. Then the click of my phone hanging up. It dawned on me , not a transcript.  Panic set in. If I was correct

in my conclusion, this would mean you had no opportunity to read it back and edit. Not  good!

After all, as I mentioned in a recent post, I am very self conscious, even the thought of having  a simple photo taken throws me into goof ball mode.

My driver’s license photo? Photos that are notoriously hideous, are a step up for me.

So what does that tell you? Just grab a camera and I immediately start to drool, and turn into the village idiot. My face assumes the most unflattering

expressions, my tongues hangs out of the side of my mouth. possible. You’d think I had read a book “How to ruin any photo taken of you” and I had practiced

in the mirror.

There have been maybe 5 photos taken of me of me taken in my entire life that turned out. I just keep  recycling those same 5 photos over and over again.

My blog photo is maybe 5 years old, I’m going to use it til I’m 100 years old or so.

With this in mind, I’m fairly sure posting an audio post, knowing it will be heard by other people, is not going to go well.  Do you think that drooling can be heard?

You can answer that question on my follow up post, to ” Can drooling be heard? Audio posting-part one’.

And no pictures please!

See ya! Barb

3 thoughts on “Can you hear a person drool? Audio posting-Part one”

  1. Haha. You write well and it is entertaining. And for the record: I would have done a similar thing with ad- lib audio.And we are not alone. Just look at how many people stuff up their telephone answering machine.


    1. Forestwoodart.
      Is my face red!”Duh” is my only comment. to my passing along wrong information about the Word presses’s audio posting. I don’t have a clue what happened or what I did. I assumed it had to be something I did. So I tried it again, just to see what would happen.This time it was a whole different experience. The posting box came up and as I spoke, it wrote my words. When I stopped, it stopped, giving an opportunity to edit.The only difference this time, I think I posted it from my phone, the one which has a dictation system that writes as you speak.That could explain it maybe.It seemed to work just fine on my experimental post. Please tell me if you notice a problem with it, if you end up reading it. It’s the one about threads and teaching [???don’t even ask where I got that bright idea for one??] I’m curious if it posts correctly on other people’s computers or phones. if you notice any problems with it, assuming you even read it, could you please let me know? I did post it using my phone, maybe that made a difference. I still have to watch what it says, it does have a potty mouth [ my polite way of sawing it sometimes says swear words, every once in a while}. Thanks,
      Feeling pretty dumb right about now-Barb


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