Audio Posting part 2. My iphone has a potty mouth

This is Part Two of my exploration of Word Press’s audio posting feature. This sounds like such a brilliant idea. Make a post over your phone how easy is that?

However I should have known it was not for me.

A fact I discovered recently. The post is published immediately. there’s no way to read it over for editing before it fly’s off into cyber space, on the internet, forever readable, for all for eternity.

My experience with voice dictation programs comes from my Iphone. It can be used, for instance when texting. I’ve had problems, it constantly

misunderstands what I’ve just said and replaces my words with it’s own. Words that don’t sound even remotely like what I have just said.

My Idiot iphone has misquoted me a number of times, replacing my words with odd words, resulting in peculiar and strange sentences, nonsensical. A few

times my good ole iphone has even used nifty swear words. Let’s face it, my iphone has a potty mouth. There’s no other way to say it, where’s the soap and

water?  Editing has become a absolute necessity, I never know it is going to say.

Making a bad situation even worse is the fact that my iphone has trigger sensitive miniature little keys, which makes it very easy to brush against a

neighboring key. These keys respond to the slightest brush or bump. Of course Murphy’s law is in play here, ” The worst thing that can happen, will happen”

Naturally I frequently hit “SEND” accidently. There goes my text, without editing or an opportunity to find any replace any misquotes.

When this has happened  [just imagine this happened to you, how would you feel?] that text could be sent to your friends and family, your employer or even

your Mom. How do you think your dear old mother would enjoy reading that?  Yes I’ve had this fun little experiences several times, and that’s enough for


No, I’m not a candidate for audio posting, definitely not.


via Barbara Harms Fiber Art.

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